A Platform for Trading Success

A critical part of creating an effective approach to trade success starts with your trading platform. The TradeStation Prime DMA (Direct Market Access) platform has a long and successful history of providing easy to use analytics, execution, advanced charting, and powerful market scanning tools that allow you to create custom watch lists that monitor and rank hundreds of symbols in real time. 

Advanced Charting

TradeStation’s DMA Platform gives you a highly advanced and customizable charting environment supported by TradeStation’s vast historical database including up to 39 years of daily data, and up to 87 years of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. You can chart multiple symbols and apply indicators to look at correlations and spreads. You can create custom indicators and studies using TradeStation’s proprietary EasyLanguage® and access an arsenal of intelligent drawing tools to draw trend lines, Fibonacci retracement lines, and annotate your charts.

TradeStation Scanner

TradeStation Scanner is a powerful custom market scanning tool that enables you to scan a broad universe of symbols in seconds to identify trading opportunities. Unlike other scanners that have only a few pre-set scans, TradeStation Scanner offers nearly unlimited scanning possibilities. You can easily tap into TradeStation’s extensive database of over 500 fundamental fields, technical indicators, plus price and volume data. An intuitive scanning wizard walks you through the process of creating and running custom scans.


RadarScreen® allows you to create custom watch lists that monitor and rank hundreds of symbols in real time. Choose from more than 180 technical and fundamental indicators as well as create custom formulas that not only reference the current bar’s data, but also historical data for prior bars.

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Our robust DMA platform is suited for serious traders who rely on the most effective tools for their trading methods. We’re proud to point out that Barron’s Magazine has just ranked TradeStation the #1 online brokerage firm. Click here to see that announcement. If you would like a demo or have any questions, please feel free to call or email. We look forward to speaking with you.

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